Man Sentenced For Starving Disabled Brother To Death

Paul Ferguson, a man from Norton Shores, Michigan, was given a minimum prison term of 30 years for the starvation death of his brother. After Timothy Ferguson’s death at the age of fifteen, 21-year-old Ferguson admitted in December to first-degree child cruelty.

His prison term could be anywhere from thirty to one hundred years.

In July 2022, at the family’s home in western Michigan, Timothy Ferguson passed away at a weight of 69 pounds. He was autistic and had speech and mobility impairments.

Earlier, a jury found Paul’s mother, Shanda Vander Ark, was found to be guilty of first-degree murder and child abuse in her son’s death, and she received a life sentence without the possibility of release.

Circuit Judge Matthew Kacel of Muskegon County expressed his disbelief that Paul Ferguson felt remorse for the brutal punishments—including ice baths—that he and his mother administered to Timothy Ferguson, ultimately leading to his death. Forcibly feeding him hot sauce, denying him sleep, and stowing food away were all examples of the brutal punishments inflicted upon the youngsters.

Inflicting ice showers and locking the refrigerator and food cupboards were all ways that Paul Ferguson and Vander Ark. Malnutrition punished Timothy Ferguson, and hypothermia were the causes of his death.

According to Matt Roberts, chief trial prosecutor for Muskegon County, Paul Ferguson poses a danger to the public unless he receives mental health care while incarcerated.

Paul begged the judge for “mercy and fairness” at his trial, looking disheartened as he claimed he regretted his deeds. In his statement, Paul questioned the justifications for his behavior.

According to Judge Matthew Kacel of the Muskegon County Circuit Court, the court thinks Mr. Ferguson is on the brink of joining his mother in the psychopath category.

The judge did not get the feeling that the brother was in any way remorseful for his actions.