Kamikaze Drones Take Out Putin’s Weapons Supply

A Russian hangar was raided by the Ukrainian military, who destroyed high-level equipment belonging to Putin’s weapons war chest.

The lethal Kamikaze drone is seen hovering around what seems to be the rare Russian BMPT “Terminator” tank before destroying it.

Putin is trying to make his Russian military seem like the strongest in the world, and this is supposed to be one of their most sophisticated weapon systems.

These 53-ton, 23-foot-long, 1,000-horsepower monsters are built to rumble to support primary armored columns in urban combat.

The Terminators look like terrifying weaponry, with their two 30mm autocannons, grenade launchers, and supersonic anti-tank missiles that can hit targets almost four miles away.

Both the Gazelle and the Ural, two military mobilization trucks, and two C60 anti-aircraft guns were allegedly destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

The United States provided Ukraine with the lethal Kamikaze drones as an element of a military package. These complex military equipment can cover 25 miles on air and “loiter” over an enemy for 40 minutes before launching a 115 mph attack. They weigh 50 lbs.

The lethal suicide drones, controlled by a tablet and capable of being pre-programmed, are armed with unique warheads that can penetrate armor and destroy tanks.

Due to their simplicity and lack of training requirements, these are ideal killing tools for the Ukrainians.

This follows Putin’s devastating loss of top commander Colonel Magomedali Magomedzhanov. In a string of attacks that targeted a command post on February 14, he was wounded. Magomedzhanov passed away in the hospital.

Russia is taking a major military hit as the Ukrainian people resist Putin’s invasion.

In a cruel “gift” to the Russian dictator on Valentine’s Day, Ukraine launched devastating attacks against Putin’s coveted Black Sea Fleet.

In a shocking turn of events, a group of Ukrainian special forces members bombed the dictator’s warship, killing everyone on board and destroying it.

The “Magura V5” naval drones, according to the Ukrainian military, were responsible for the attack that left the ship sunk.