JetBlue Flight Tips Backward During Unloading

A passenger from California describes the horrifying moment her JetBlue airplane unexpectedly tilted backward at JFK Airport in New York City on Sunday night.

JetBlue Flight 662 had arrived from Barbados, and passengers were beginning to exit. Ulli Haslacher of Claremont, California, claims that the plane’s stability quickly deteriorated at that point.

Haslacher reported hearing a loud noise and feeling as though they were falling to local media on Monday. Haslacher said she was in the dark about what was going on, but she instantly worried for her personal security and considered her loved ones.

According to Haslacher, the aircraft had moved because of a weight imbalance, but there were still around 80 passengers on board.

The plane’s nose is pointed upwards, and its tail is on the ground, as seen in the video submitted to Citizen App.

A report explained how every flight begins with a thorough weight and balance check to establish the center of gravity and guarantee optimal performance.

The distribution of the travelers and other items also has a role in determining where the plane’s center of gravity is located.

Flight attendants may urge customers to switch seats, but aircraft tilting is highly unusual.

According to Haslacher, the jet lurched back to its original position as people moved toward the front. She said a teenage flight attendant then calmly instructed passengers to disperse around the fuselage to help stabilize the aircraft. She claims that another worker was too upset to assist.

There were no additional incidents or reported injuries as everyone safely exited.

Haslacher continued to Los Angeles on her connecting flight, where she eventually landed safely. She appreciates the flight attendant’s effort to make the most of a bad situation but is disappointed with JetBlue. She argued that a thorough inquiry into the incident was required.

In a statement published shortly after, JetBlue said they had taken the jet out of circulation and were conducting an investigation.

According to the company website, in 2000, JetBlue was established to restore the fun of flying. Over two decades, the sixth-biggest airline in America has built a reputation for excellence in product innovation, corporate culture, and customer satisfaction awards.