Gun Supplier Denies Blame In Rust Movie Case

In the United States, political tensions remain at serious levels. As the economy remains volatile, foreign rivals continue to act in an aggressive nature, and crime in major cities across the nation steadily increases, many on the progressive left remain focused on attacking the second amendment. In 2022, after visiting New York City, President Joe Biden blamed skyrocketing crime on gun violence and called for stricter limitations on firearm ownership. While it is well known that Democrats seek significant “reforms” surrounding the second amendment and advocate for the ban of many types of firearms (such as semi-automatic rifles), activists in Hollywood also consistently lobby for policies that seek to limit the rights of law abiding citizens.

One of these individuals is Alec Baldwin, an actor and 65-year old from Amityville, New York. Mr. Baldwin has had a lengthy career in Hollywood, performing in roles in many well-known movies over the years, including the likes of Beetlejuice (1988), Talk Radio (1988), and Married to the Mob (1988). In 2022, Baldwin made headlines following a shooting in South Carolina near a youth baseball field, calling for the enaction of gun control legislation and claiming that firearms in the United States are unregulated. Sadly, and yet ironically, Baldwin finds himself in legal trouble after accidentally murdering Halyna Hutchinson, a director of photography on the set of Rust, a western film, in 2021. In a most recent lawsuit, Baldwin was denied a motion to dismiss the suit against him. Three former crew members from the film filed suit against Baldwin and “Rust” productions in a negligence lawsuit in February of 2023. While the judge also denied a motion which effectively prevented criminal proceedings from commencing against him, Baldwin remains at risk.

In a most recent development, the gun supplier responsible for providing the firearm utilized by Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust testified. The supplier denied any liability or responsibility for what happened.