`Federal Judge Cans Feds’ Plan To Cut Border

On Monday, a federal court temporarily enjoined the Biden administration from removing razor wire built by Texas police to deter illegal immigration.

Reports show Texas officials filed a lawsuit in Del Rio, Texas, asking a federal judge to keep the federal government from cutting miles of wire alongside the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass.
Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas has charged the federal government with undermining border security and harming Texas’ capacity to discourage unlawful immigration into its territory effectively.

U.S. District Judge Alia Moses ruled the federal government to cease hacking the razor wire until the conclusion of a hearing on Paxton’s motion scheduled for November 7.

In its complaint, and in the separate request for the interim injunction, the state highlighted that the lines are erected on private land alongside the Rio Grande with the owners’ agreement.
Judge Moses wrote that Texas had satisfied four criteria for a stay of federal action, and the state had submitted an 11-page document with the federal court in Del Rio to prove it. A hearing on the state’s request was scheduled for November 7 in Del Rio before Moses, who was nominated to the federal court by President George W. Bush.

Moses allowed federal agents to disconnect the wire in one circumstance, which she detailed in her order. If there is no life-saving equipment available to prevent medical emergencies, such as watercraft, before they reach the wire barrier, the court will allow the short-term relief requested.

Last week, a report showed that DHS officials claimed border patrol personnel had a duty under the law to prevent injuries to migrants. Border Patrol personnel were spotted removing wire coils shortly after Texas lodged its complaint.

The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, ordered the installation of the wire fence in 2021 as part of his project known as “Operation Lone Star.”