Electric Car Explodes at Home in Colorado, Couple Flees in Nick of Time

An electric car in Boulder, Colorado, started smoking and then exploded in a garage on the morning of March 31st, causing frightened neighbors to evacuate their homes.

Boulder Fire-Rescue units reportedly responded quickly to reports of a burning car in a garage early in the morning.

When firemen arrived, the electric car had already burst, engulfing the residence with smoke. They spent hours at the home, clearing smoke and carefully removing the car’s wreckage from the garage.

There have been 23 fatalities in New York City caused by electric bike and scooter lithium battery fires in the last three years, with 13 of those deaths occurring in early  2023. Statistics show that, among the many causes of fires in New York City, battery fires are now among the most common and deadly. They are tied with electrical fires and even exceed cooking and smoking fires.

Homes being destroyed by the lithium batteries used in these environmentally friendly automobiles have put a lot of people on edge, adding to concerns with the ever-increasing green expectations of the Biden administration.¬† Some feel that Americans must not be put in jeopardy to boost the administration’s poll numbers.

Although electric vehicles have the potential to enhance the transportation options available to Americans in the future, reports reveal that we are not yet prepared to fully embrace them.

Reports show that in January, a double-decker electric bus caught fire on a street in London, England, which has been trying to electrify its transportation system. As a result, there have been demands for an immediate probe into the security of London’s environmentally friendly bus fleet.

According to a British economics study, the London Fire Brigade has identified electric bikes and scooters as the most rapidly expanding fire trend in the metropolis.