DOJ Corners Hunter Biden On His Biggest Defense

The arguments made by Hunter Biden’s legal team in their bid to have certain tax charges dropped were effectively dismantled by the Department of Justice (DOJ) filing on Sunday, according to legal expert and attorney Jonathan Turley.

Hunter Biden, the troubled son of President Joe Biden, was indicted in California in December. He is accused of attempting to avoid paying over $1.4 million in personal taxes owed from 2016 to 2019. The president’s son pleaded innocence during his arraignment hearing in Los Angeles on January 11.

Hunter Biden’s legal team has requested the dismissal of the charges following the latest indictment. They claim the complaint has no merit and is motivated by politics. Furthermore, they contend that the extra costs were introduced to appease conservative factions within the administration. In other words, it’s a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Federal prosecutors submitted their own on Friday to counter Hunter Biden’s team’s motion, which they deemed unfounded and devoid of meaningful evidence. Former President Trump selected David Weiss, serving as the special counsel overseeing the case against him, as the DOJ special counsel in 2018.

In Weiss’s summary, the document harshly condemns the defense’s deceitful actions during the trial. Weiss contends that the assertions presented in the document are patently false, supported by no proof, and directly at odds with his previous correspondence and remarks in the Delaware case.

During Sunday’s press conference, Turley highlighted an intriguing passage regarding Hunter Biden’s memoir in the prosecution’s filing. Prosecutors claim the defendants’ memoirs include multiple assertions that either support or provide further context for their unlawful actions.

Hunter Biden’s tax debts and penalties have been paid in full. It was claimed that he paid $2 million to the federal government last year and faithfully paid all of his financial obligations. His attorney loaned him the money to make this happen.

Beginning during Trump’s administration and continued into Biden’s, Weiss’s inquiry of Hunter Biden spans nearly six years.