CNN Announces Logo Update

A report reveals that those who often watch CNN first thing in the morning may have noticed a major shift.  It’s the most substantial update in almost a decade, a fresh visual package and lower thirds.

As the network continues to recover from the external and internal reaction after a Trump Town Hall, that seemed to unite a divided country in a rage despite creating hundreds of headlines, the new on-air look arrives at a time of record low ratings. 

It has been 43 years since Ted Turner created the first 24-hour news channel on cable when CEO Chris Licht introduced a fresh appearance and feel of the channel in an internal memo.

Per the report, Licht announced that the presentation is clean and modern, allowing for more flexibility in communicating details and urgency to worldwide viewers. It is the initial significant update in ten years, and it will emphasize the news as the primary focus.

The revised lower third was seen during Paula Reid’s report on legal matters as a senior reporter for CNN This Morning.

In comparison to the old graphics package, the new design and on-air marketing seem like a logical step forward. Designers seem to have taken use of the high-definition screens we all now possess to show a much sleeker version with greater negative space, although keeping the same scheme of colors and sans-serif typography.

As described by News Cast Studio, when moving between on-screen text parts in the new design, the animation is still used, but now it takes the shape of a red rectangle that occupies the white section of the banner.

The report shows the visuals have been tweaked slightly, with a new logo bug stating “CNN on HLN” when newscasts broadcast simultaneously on both networks. CNN International now seems to follow the same design as the domestic broadcast rather than inverting the design.