Chris Christie Accused of Trying To “Sabotage” Trump

Greg Kelly criticized Chris Christie’s recent presidential announcement, accusing the former New Jersey governor of undermining Donald Trump while serving on his debate preparation team in 2020. 

Kelly described Christie’s announcement as the worst he had ever seen, highlighting how Christie turned away from the camera and kept his hands in his pockets, which he deemed inappropriate for such a significant declaration. 

Kelly further criticized Christie’s behavior, noting his tendency to blame others for failures but take credit for successes. 

Chris Christie directed his attention towards the business activities of Donald Trump’s daughter and her husband, leveling accusations of extensive financial exploitation. 

While Chris Christie held the office of U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, he supervised the legal proceedings against Charles Kushner, the father of Jared Kushner. 

Charles Kushner pleaded guilty in 2005 to various charges, including tax evasion, witness tampering, and illegal campaign donations. 

In 2020, long after completing his sentence, Charles Kushner received a pardon from President Trump.

Despite being the initial contender in the 2016 presidential race to withdraw and endorse Trump, Chris Christie was excluded from the Trump administration for any appointments, ambassadorships, cabinet posts, or government positions. 

The former governor of New Jersey launched his candidacy in Manchester, New Hampshire, at an understated event where he articulated his vision. 

Criticizing his previous support for the ex-president, Christie asserted that Trump’s leadership had exacerbated divisions, resulting in a diminishment of the nation. 

Trump promptly responded with a social media rebuke.

The host also criticized Christie’s demeanor, likening him to an angry coach, and suggested that Christie intentionally tried to hinder Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012. 

Kelly supported his claims by showing a picture of Christie assisting Trump during debate preparation for the 2020 election against Joe Biden. 

Kelly questioned the timing of Christie’s change of heart towards Trump and speculated whether he intended to help or sabotage the former president. 

Ultimately, Kelly concluded that Christie’s presidential bid would not be successful.