China Spots UFO In Its Country, Says It Will Shoot It Down

( According to Chinese official media, Chinese authorities are ready to shoot down an unidentified flying object currently above Shandong Province. Since the U.S. military shot down a Chinese spy balloon a little over a week ago, every nation is now viewing the sky with more suspicion.

Maritime officials in eastern Shandong province had seen the object in the waters near the coastal city of Rizhao and were ready to shoot it down.

Rizhao, located in Shandong Province, is a port city on the Yellow Sea, approximately midway between Beijing and Shanghai. South Korea lies directly to the east of Japan.

Other reports showed the UFO above Qingdao, a coastal city that is home to the Jianggezhuang Naval Base.  Along with an aircraft carrier, the Jianggezhuang Naval Base is home to ballistic and nuclear attack submarines. The articles also reported that Beijing was preparing to bring down the mysterious object.

UFOs have been appearing all over the world lately.

A regional governor in Russia said at the start of the year that the Kremlin had made the decision to destroy a UFO that had been spotted.

According to Governor Vasily Golubev’s social media post, the decision was made to shoot down the object that was assessed to be flying above a town in the Rostov area of Russia. He urged the worried villagers to maintain their composure in the face of their inquiries.

According to a local news outlet, a ball-shaped object was shot down from the sky.

The area where the UFO was observed is considered strategically important for the conflict in Ukraine because it borders the Sea of Azov, which is bordered by Ukraine on the northwest and southwest and Russia on the east.

Due to this rekindled interest in ET contact, scientists now predict that the UK may soon see a surge of sightings in its skies, too.