AOC Faces Biggest Challenge Yet In Democrat Opponent

According to reports, a long-shot primary challenge to New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been filed by Wall Street insider Marty Dolan.

In his official campaign statement, Dolan said he had had enough. The radicals continue to disregard taxpayer concerns, and the primary earners are departing in favor of populist ideology.  People in New York have witnessed it all, including the radicals’ tricks. He added that New Yorkers want their city to be the finest in the greatest country in the world.

Dolan claimed that bail reform had been a complete and utter failure.  The National Guard is stationed in the subway, criminals are allowed to roam free, toothpaste is locked up, and limited resources are being allocated to illegal migrants arriving from every corner of the globe.

The backdrop of these challenges is the unmanageable $34 trillion national debt and the fourteen percent marginal tax rate in New York City. When compared to other countries, the US has the most inflated regional tax disparity. Fixing this is the top concern. Losing half a million taxpayers from New York is not sustainable.

Reports show that the recent spate of high-profile crimes in New York City has prompted progressive Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul to deploy several hundred National Guard personnel, state police, and MTA police to large subway stations.  On March 8, Hochul announced it as part of her strategy.  750 National Guardsmen and 250 NY State and MTA police officers will be sent into the subway system. Additionally, the New York Police Department will operate dozens of bag-screening teams and increase the number of bag inspections to 136 stations, which accounts for almost one-third of the system.

After becoming the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress in 2019, Ocasio-Cortez began her tenure in office. It would seem that, from Dolan’s declaration, he is launching a crusade against her extreme policies. Dolan claimed they should find out on June 25th if embracing radical policies has helped or hurt them.  He believes that radicals inside the Progressive movement have swayed the Democrat Party.