12-Year-Old Child Slain By Illegal Immigrant

A 12-year-old child died from a vehicle collision in Missouri that was caused by an illegal alien from Venezuela. The foreign national is now facing manslaughter charges. She was reportedly speeding on the wrong side of the road at high speeds when the collision happened.

According to reports, in December, 33-year-old Edina Bracho was driving on the wrong side of the highway in Hazelwood when her minivan collided with a Jeep carrying Travis Wolfe and both of his parents. The speed limit was 40 mph, and Bracho was going 75 mph. It was the day before Wolfe’s birthday.

According to Hazelwood Police Department Sgt. Scott Schnurbusch, at more than 70 mph on a 40-mile-per-hour road, 1,700 feet is a considerable distance to cover. According to Schnurbusch, that’s a substantial distance to go the wrong way without realizing it.

Eventually, the young boy was placed on life support after being rapidly transported to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. After three months on life support, he succumbed to his injuries on March 12th.

Local news outlets have reported that both of Bracho’s children were sent to the same hospital due to their significant injuries, while Travis’ parents were treated for several broken bones at Mercy Hospital.

In addition to one count of driving without a license, Bracho faced other charges, including one involuntary manslaughter,  two counts of first-degree endangering a child, two counts of second-degree assault, and one offense of assault.

A woman named Andrea DeWeese created a GoFundMe page to help the Wolfe family with expenses. As of this writing, $28,278 out of a $50,000 target has been collected.

Bracho is now in jail awaiting trial.  A bail amount of $500,000, payable in cash, holds her in custody. According to a report, her bail reduction court hearing is scheduled for April 8th.