U.S. Senator Officially Leaves The Senate

(PatrioticPost.com)- Republican Ben Sasse’s tenure representing the state of Nebraska in the Senate came to a formal end on Sunday, after he left to serve as the next president of the University of Florida.

Sasse was one of the Republicans who voted to convict former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial following the Capitol riot in 2021. He also spent much of his tenure criticizing and opposing Trump.

As he was leaving Capitol Hill, Sasse made sure to criticize how politics have evolved in the city, which he characterized as being designed for media cameras and the new 24-hour news cycle.

He gave a parting speech from the Senate floor on January 3, during which he said:

“When we’re being honest with each other, which usually means when on one of the very rare occasions where cameras aren’t present, we all know that a big chunk of the performative yelling that happens here and in every hearing room is just about being booked for even more performative yelling at night on TV.”

Sasse was two years into his second term in the Senate. He seemed to know that he was not in favor with not just Trump but many other Republican voters as well.

During a rally held in Nebraska back in May, Trump called him “Little Ben Sasse,” and said he became a “grandstanding, little-respected senator.”

Sasse pointed to the relationship with Nebraska voters during his floor speech last week, saying:

“Our wrestling together, Nebraskans and me, over the last eight years has had some marked ups and downs, as you gave me victories in all 93 counties … and then made me the most censured public official in the history of Nebraska over the next six years, but then proceeded two years ago to re-elect me again.

“Many times, it felt like a noogie and a slap and a head butt and a hug all at once.”

Now that Sasse’s seat is vacant, it will be up to Nebraska’s new Republican Governor Jim Pillen to select his replacement in the upper chamber. That person will serve for two more years before a special election is held in 2024 to allow the voters to choose who they want representing them.

One person who wants to be that representative is Pete Ricketts, the former Repubican governor of Nebraska. He sent an email to media outlet The Hill recently, where he said:

“For me, it came down to a single question: How can I best serve the people of Nebraska and advance our conservative values? In Congress, we’re in a fight for the future of our nation, and it’s a fight we have to win.”

Sasse is set to earn $1 million salary in his new position at the University of Florida.

He was chosen after the university spent many months vetting applications from hundreds of people, according to a statement it released. The 15 members of the presidential search committee “unanimously recommended United States Senator Dr. Ben Sasse as the sole finalist,” the university said in that statement.