Trump’s Lawyers Find Secret “Relationship” 

( Lawyers for former President Donald Trump believe the integrity of the Georgia investigation into the state’s 2020 election has been compromised, prompting calls for the investigation team to be removed from the case. 

CBS News interviewed attorneys Drew Findling, and Jennifer Little after the head of an Atlanta-based special grand jury caused controversy with a media tour. They told Robert Costa that they disagreed with the investigation as a whole, not just with the outspoken special grand jury forewoman Emily Kohrs. 

In an interview that aired on Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” Little said the 30-year-old foreperson offered us a lens and made us aware that every hunch we had about this “questionable process” was all too real. 

According to Little, they have “lost 100% trust” in the probe into whether Trump and his friends acted unlawfully in the 2016 presidential election. The process has been undermined, Little said. 

Trump’s legal team claims the investigation against the former president and his friends in Georgia has been “compromised” after the special grand jury forewoman made public comments about the case. 

Democrat Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is considering using the special grand jury’s findings to impanel a new, ordinary grand jury to pursue charges. Last month, Willis informed a court that “decisions are forthcoming” after the special grand jury spent months investigating and enlisting 75 witnesses. 

Kohrs broke the seal and revealed that the special grand jury report calls for many indictments even though much of it is still sealed. She said the panel decided against subpoenaing Trump despite her wish to do so due to time and budget constraints. 

Several attorneys have expressed concern that Kohrs’s interviews might make it difficult for prosecutors to build solid cases. 

The Superior Court Judge in Fulton County, Robert McBurney, presided over the special grand jury, and told the media that jurors are forbidden from discussing their deliberations but are free to discuss “the fruit of their findings.” 

When asked about the displeasure felt by Trump’s legal team, Findling said it was not so much about Kohrs as it was about the perception of a “connection” between prosecuting lawyers and the members of this grand jury. 

The lack of thoroughness, according to Little, was apparent in Kohrs’ “surprising” explanation for why Trump was not subpoenaed. She said that Trump’s legal staff fully supports the president’s assertions that he did nothing illegal.