Top Celeb CONFESSES: Marriage OFF The Table!

Two-time Academy Award winning actress Sally Field, now 77 years old, has confessed that she will probably never get married again. According to a report by People magazine, she discussed the topic recently on the season’s premier episode of the podcast “Wiser Than Me” hosted by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

When discussing her romantic history, the Mrs. Doubfire star said that she’s never had a knack for picking a good partner. She can’t imagine getting married again, but she conceded that she might consider it If she had the good fortune to meet a man with whom she wanted to spend “more than 37 seconds,” but she finds the prospect unlikely at her age.

Sally fields has been married before. She was wed to Steven Craig in 1968, but the marriage only lasted until 1975 after the pair had already been separated for two years. Her two sons, Peter and Eli, were the products of that marriage.

Afterwards, Fields was involved with then A-list actor Burt Reynolds from 1976 through 1980, but they never made it as far as the altar. They were on-again off-again until 1982, when they parted ways for good. Their relationships produced a string of hit films, including the first two Smokey and the Bandit movies, Hooker, and The End.

Fields’s second marriage to Alan Griesman commenced in 1984. Their son Sam was born in 1987, but the marriage again did not last. The paid divorced in 1994.

Some of her past partners, Fields confessed, exhibited “red flags” to which she did not pay sufficient attention before committing. Some of her partners, for example, would complain that Fields did not treat them like she treated her sons, which Fields found bizarre.

While conceding that motherhood altered her perspective on romance, Fields said that the great challenge of her love life is that she’s always had trouble picking partners who would love her without trying to change her life.