Ron DeSantis Hits Back After Homeowners Forced To Pay For Cleanup Of Migrants

( A couple who said they were forced to pay to have a Cuban migrant boat removed from their property or face a felony was questioned by a local Florida news station.

According to Jack Bartkus, a Florida resident, “about 20 people rode on this boat from Cuba, and the government put the people into custody, but they didn’t do anything with the boat.” Bartkus was left to handle the craft.

They simply dumped it here, according to Bartkus. So, that became an issue for him.

“It is unfair. Completely unfair,” he added.

Bartkus also claimed to have spent at least “$2,500” after being forced into “cleaning and sterilizing the boat?”

He said, “There’s diesel gasoline on there.” “It’s unsafe for other people to have an oil spill and have stuff floating out on the lake.”

City officials informed locals of Key Colony Beach in writing that migrant boats were their concern, not the governments. They state that it is your responsibility if any vessel ends up on your private property. It’s costly and unpleasant, but this is the rule of law.

Sue Bartkus remarked, “It’s very frustrating.”

She claimed that if she and her husband didn’t stop the boat from floating out to sea, they would face the possibility of a felony conviction.

She summarized the difference in responsibilities between homeowners and migrants by saying, “So you’re simply expected to let it wreck your pier, docks, and seawalls, and you’re supposed to have to get rid of it.”

On Wednesday, Christina Pushaw, the governor’s director of rapid response, commented on the video on Twitter. “This is totally unjust. DHS should cover this.”

Vessels have been placed over people’s land, according to DeSantis. He said Florida proclaimed an emergency. Florida gave the Coast Guard’s help. His administration would clear the vessels at no cost to those residents.

DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin said, “the Florida Division of Emergency Management went out to the homeowners and made them whole the day after this came to our attention.”