Mitt Romney Says Trump Has A Chance In 2024, Warns Democrats

( Utah’s alleged Republican Senator, Mitt Romney, attacks Trump. Again.

Romney criticized Trump at a Washington Post climate change forum after he announced his 2024 presidential run. Romney said it was not rocket science why some Trump-backed candidates lost in November’s midterms, calling it the kiss of death.

Romney said the difference between Trump’s nominees and others is whether they believe his 2020 election lie. If we obsess over his loss, we’ll keep getting losers.
Romney voted to impeach Trump twice. He said it’s not just losing. Trump is not someone who should run the U.S. government. Romney added that he hoped his party would find someone with quality to lead America to a better future.

Speaking of ‘quality,’  did you know Romney lost every Presidential race he ran in?

Romney didn’t mention that a large group of Trump’s endorsements has won, and the RNC/GOP was the problem in the lost races. They took money away from the viable America First candidates and even slandered or ignored them.

Reports show the Utah Republican recently argued that Democrats could filibuster Trump if he wins reelection. Romney said Democrats should keep the filibuster in case Trump becomes president again.

What would Romney say if he wasn’t a Democrat?

With a long, sad face, Romney admitted that Trump has a reasonable chance of winning in 2024. Romney said Trump would likely be the 2024 nominee.

Romney told the climate change forum that he doesn’t delude himself in thinking that Trump’s support could be derailed. If he wants to be the nominee in ’24, he will.

Former President Trump announced his candidacy from Mar-a-Lago last month.

According to video reports, Donald Trump explained that the world was at peace, America was prospering, and our country was on track for an amazing future because he kept his promises to the American people. We were a great and glorious nation under our leadership, something you haven’t heard in a while. We were strong and free.

Now, we are a declining nation.
We are failing.