Matt Gaetz Says Trump Was Quietly Advised By Tucker Carlson

On Monday, Republican Representative for Florida Matt Gaetz said he and former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson worked together to influence President Donald Trump on decision-making while Trump was in office. 

Gaetz was reportedly saddened to hear that Fox News had dismissed Tucker Carlson from his hosting duties.

Following the news that Carlson had been let go, Gaetz said on Greg Kelly Reports on Newsmax that he could not overstate how important Tucker Carlson is in influencing public policy and the choices that were made in government. 

According to what Gaetz later revealed, Gaetz and Carlson, together, were intimately involved in persuading President Trump to ignore some of the bad advice he was getting from Mike Pence, General James N. Mattis, and Mike Pompeo. 

Gaetz gave no further details.

A supporter of Tucker Carlson, Gaetz predicted that the millions of Tucker Carlson viewers, of which he admitted he was one, will follow him to whatever his next project is.

According to Gaetz, this is because his audience feels “safe with him” and is interested in watching a program where conservative values and views are shared without apology. 

Carlson’s resume includes stops at CNN, MSNBC, and PBS.

Greg Kelly, an anchor of Newsmax, responded that losing Carlson was “absolutely a loss,” and he left the door open for Carlson to return to Newsmax in the future. 

He said who knows, Carlson could end up there. Kelly said, “We’ll see how things all play out,” he remarked.

Gaetz wasn’t the only lawmaker to have an opinion on Carlson’s firing. Kentucky Republican Representative Thomas Massie called the move a “big loss for Fox,” while Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance called Tucker Carlson “the most courageous person in American media.”