Madison Crawthorne’s Documents Mysteriously Go Missing

( According to reports, Rep. Chuck Edwards (R-NC) requests assistance from the public to locate the casework for his constituents after his predecessor Madison Cawthorn failed to present it.

Without this information, Edwards must start working for the district from scratch. Many of the constituents he represents might want assistance with urgent matters.

Edwards defeated Cawthorn in the primary and won the general election.

According to a news release from Edwards’ office, Cawthorn was of little assistance to his successor as he prepared to represent the electorate of North Carolina’s 11th congressional district.

According to the press release, Congressman Chuck Edwards (NC-11) asked anyone with unresolved or unfinished casework to kindly get in touch with his office at 202-225-6401 or 828-435-7310. He promised to put constituent service first.

The statement then said that, as is customary in legislative transitions, the office of former Congressman Madison Cawthorn did not transmit official constituent casework. Congressman Edwards and his staff cannot determine whether their constituents had open federal cases or other unresolved concerns due to this information gap. Over the past month, numerous attempts to get in touch with Congressman Cawthorn and his staff resulted in no response or action.

A report reveals Cawthorn had until Friday, December 23, to sign over the database, and according to House rules, the departing member is responsible for carrying out the transfer procedure.

In a separate statement, he wrote that anyone in Edwards’ district who has unfinished business should contact his office.

Edwards urged anyone who had unfinished business to get in touch with his office right away. He hoped the media would assist in spreading the word about his appeal to the general population. He wants to make sure that all benefits of the services to which our veterans, the elderly, the disabled, and others who require assistance are entitled are received.

Edwards should ask Kevin McCarthy about the database. He got him the job through dirty tricks and by defunding Cawthorn’s candidacy. Maybe he has it.