Kurt Russell’s Wife Turns Against Woke Oscars 

(PatrioticPost.com)- Goldie Hawn has expressed her displeasure with the evolution of the Academy Awards, saying that the ceremony was at one time “beautiful.” 

Hawn disapproves of the Oscars’ modern direction. All issues “have gone politicized,” she remarked. 

She discussed Will Smith’s slap at last year’s Oscars, calling it a microcosm of our culture.  

Hawn said that the Oscars used to care more about star power and celebrity than they do now. She said that back in the day, the Oscars seemed more sophisticated. She apologized for seeming prudish but felt some of the jokes might be very crass.  

She feels that people like herself are disregarded, and the broadcast has become much more political. 

The expression of awe on people’s faces is what she’s after, and she sincerely hopes that people will rediscover their faith again. 

As for her, she just wants to hear and see more people laughing, and not only at the expense of others. 

Hawn spoke out against Will Smith’s attack on Chris Rock last year. 

She said, “It’s reflective of our society right now.” 

She says you’re watching, and the next thing you ask is, “what the heck just happened?”  

A person gazing at it could wonder, “What the heck just happened?” It seems like someone has lost control of themselves, losing their ability to self-regulate. The behavior, in her view, is “abhorrent,” and no one seems to be contrite. 

She noted that Chris Rock was great. He could keep his emotions in check and stand tall because of it.  

She hopes this is the vision of the world in the not-too-distant future, but alas, she is not that optimistic. 

Viewers tired of leftist celebrity grandstanding have decided to tune out in recent years, causing the Oscars’ viewership to decrease. Variety said that 63,1 million people in the United States saw Goldie Hawn win the Oscar she won for her part in Cactus Flower in 1970. (Although she did not attend.) 

With just 15.4 million viewers, the 2017 Oscars on ABC were the show’s second poorest ever.