Fox News Reports Having “Hidden” January 6th Tapes 

( Early next week, Tucker Carlson has promised to broadcast surveillance video from January 6, 2020. Furthermore, he revealed that he wanted to convince his audience that the Jan 6 committee was deceiving the public. 

Carlson sarcastically calls the Jan 6 committee the “defenders of democracy,” and he says they are at it again.  

Tucker wants the public to view the thousands of hours of surveillance footage from January 6th, which has been kept secret for the past two years. He says “a tiny group” has been allowed to invent their own narratives about the events of that day and use those narratives to influence policy and politics across the country. 

Without complete transparency, Carlson makes a good point. 

Carlson didn’t specify who he meant by “a tiny group,” but it’s likely he meant the House Select Committee that handled the footage up until now. 

He referenced a Rasmussen survey showing that 80% of American voters feel the public must be able to watch the footage from January 6th, “including Republicans and Democrats.” 

Carlson notes that while protecting democracy, they deny people the knowledge required to make their own judgments. 

He said this obviously isn’t a democratic system, and he knows the committee is lying because he’s been viewing the footage. 

Carlson wrapped up by adding that his show would be bringing the information and  recordings the following week. He said they anticipate that it will be “really interesting.” 

The preview he gave on Thursday night suggests he already has a story he’s anxious to tell, which is just one of many factors that will make it intriguing to watch. 

Regardless of what you think of Carlson or his agenda or politics, the public will get a chance to view footage kept from them, which is a good thing for democracy.