Ben Shaprio Goes “Uncensored” In Powerful Interview

( The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro and newfound pal Piers Morgan discussed wokeism, gay marriage, and the 2024 presidential election on Wednesday. 

Ten years after their heated first broadcast encounter, Shapiro appeared on the edition of “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Wednesday. The two discussed, debated, and joked with one another throughout the show. The encounter in 2013 was a defining moment in both men’s careers; Morgan canceled his CNN program soon afterward, while Shapiro became a rising star. 

On Wednesday, the men reminisced about their initial encounter, with Morgan, 57, saying that Shapiro, then 38, was “a hell of a lot brighter than you seemed” and had the upper hand in their conversation, while Shapiro, now 39 and growing a beard, quipped that he had “reached puberty” since then. 

A 2016 tweet by Shapiro reading “Facts don’t care about your emotions,” was pinned to the top of his Twitter feed, and Morgan and Shapiro immediately moved on to more serious topics. According to Shapiro, what conservatives have labeled “being woke to cancel culture” is the product of an extreme sense of autonomy replacing objective fact. 

Shapiro saw a historical change in which people began to equate their own personal truth with the truth itself. There has been a shift from the tradition of having a political discussion followed by drinks. 

The topic veered from politicians’ lies to the tribalism that drives most American politics, which Shapiro blamed on an “emotivism” that leads people to believe in politics based on their feelings rather than facts. 

Morgan, who considers himself politically centrist, has seen a change in his position concerning popular culture due to the rise of leftist ideology. 

I never considered myself a conservative before, but the more extreme the Left becomes, the more the pendulum swings in the other direction. The two agreed that “any feeling of normalcy” would be welcome by most people right now.’ 

During the conversation, homosexual marriage sparked the most heated debate. 

Morgan said that he had seen excellent and awful parenting examples from heterosexual and homosexual couples. There is “no substantial differentiation” between parent combinations, he noted. 

Shapiro said in response that he doesn’t believe it’s true that two guys can adequately replace a man and a woman in most situations. 

Morgan then asked Shapiro what he sees that gives him hope for the future, which was a positive way to close the conversation. 

Shapiro said it’s impossible to escape the truth. Therefore, “all these forces that we’ve unleashed are crashing head-on against the rocks of reality, and there will be repercussions for that,” Shapiro said in closing.