Armed Robber Who Killed Toddler to be Released on Parole in Weeks

William Ngati, who caused the death of a baby, Skye Sassine, during a police pursuit, will be released from prison in five weeks despite the mother’s emotional requests for him to remain behind bars.

On New Year’s Eve 2009, the 19-month-old was killed after Ngati, a robber, led police on a 21-kilometer pursuit and drove into her family’s automobile on Sydney’s M5 highway.

Aimee Sassine, Skye’s mom, had pleaded with the authorities to extend Ngati’s prison sentence by five years.

The Campbelltown local government district is off-limits to Ngati as part of his parole restrictions.

Along with other requirements of his order, such as not using any forbidden drug or substance other than those given to him by doctors, he will be subject to close supervision to guarantee he follows these rules.

The mental health staff has strict instructions that he must follow.

He has to be freed between April 16 and May 7.

Ngati was “well aware of the possibility of maiming and killing others” as a result of his careless driving, according to Judge David Frearson, who handed down the 14-year minimum term.

Ngati, who was on parole then, led the pursuit while racing past red lights and skidded off the road.

Drivers who intentionally attempted to evade arrest by initiating high-speed police pursuits faced harsher fines under “Skye’s Law,” which was enacted by the NSW government in response to this.

Ngati ran a 70-kilometer-per-hour speed limit, ran many red lights, and eventually crashed into Skye’s mother’s vehicle during the 21-kilometer police pursuit.

After pleading guilty to many charges, including manslaughter and armed robbery, parolee Ngati received a sentence of 19 years and three months in prison, including a 13-year and 3-month non-parole term.

The attorneys for Ngati said that other reports, including one from the Serious Offenders Review Counsel, backed their client’s release.