Woman Vanishes on Road Trip, Abandoned Car Found

In the United States, the term “road trip” usually brings to mind images of open roads, scenic views, beautiful geography and an adventurous, new exploratory experience for many individuals. Across the continental United States, thousands of people each year enjoy taking cross country vacations in which parts of the vast and beautiful nation are explored and experienced. The country is so large that most Americans do not get to explore the entirety of the nation in their lifetime. Many individuals wish to visit every state. While these vacation and adventure experiences are more often than not filled with happy and memorable moments, they do not come without dangers.

In 2021 a young woman named Gabby Petito made national headlines after going missing in a Wyoming national park; her remains were later discovered and her boyfriend admitted in a suicide note that he committed the murder. Her boyfriend, named Brian Laundrie was a native of Florida. After the story received heightened attention, Laundrie fled his residence and took to the wilds of Carlton Reserve- he was later found dead from suicide with a note admitting to the murder.

A California woman went missing in late September on a road trip from San Diego to Connecticut. Chelsea Grimm, aged 32, was last sighted on September 28th in Williams, Arizona. After not hearing from their daughter for several days, Grimm was reported missing on October 4th by her parents. On the 5th, Arizona hunters notified law enforcement of an abandoned vehicle on Forest Service Road 6. The 2019 Ford Escape belonging to Grimm was discovered with two flat tires. Grimm’s phone, wallet, and sleeping bag were nowhere to be found. On September 28th, Grimm had been sighted talking to a law enforcement officer on body cam footage outside a local cemetery. Grimm appeared upset, and when the officer approached her she claimed it was due to the sad nature of a veteran’s memorial.