Woman Escapes Cop By Using Fake Name

While awaiting medical attention at a hospital, a woman allegedly gave Atlanta police an alias and then escaped arrest. The woman is now being sought by the police.

During a traffic stop, authorities apparently discovered that Amy Hightower (53) had many outstanding shoplifting warrants from other counties, so they arrested her for these offenses. During the encounter, she also provided officers with a fake identity.

Officers allegedly detained Hightower on the outstanding shoplifting charges. After taking her to Grady for medical treatment, she reportedly got away.

Michael Bond, a member of the Atlanta City Council, explained to local media that whoever was supposed to keep an eye on this individual wasn’t doing their job. According to the news station, this is the second occurrence when a convict has escaped prison in less than a year.

During a recent meeting of the city’s public safety committee, Bond said that the most common means of evasion is the assistance provided by Grady employees. He requests that Atlanta correctional officials be present at the institution for safety reasons.

Elder Dancy, the interim Chief of Corrections, informed city council members that hiring and keeping employees has been difficult for the department as a whole.

One security measure that has drawn criticism to the hospital is the regulation mandating the presence of a law enforcement officer for every detainee receiving medical care. Grady authorities responded to the event by saying that the protocol states that the custodial law enforcement agency is responsible for supervising convicts.

According to Grady authorities, who spoke with local news, the current regulation states that the law enforcement department must provide one-on-one supervision of convicts at all times while they receive treatment at the hospital.

The police have not disclosed what treatments Hightower was receiving at the hospital. According to authorities, there is no present danger to the public. Their investigation into how she got away is continuing.

Upon her arrest, Hightower will face charges of providing a fake identity and evading capture.