Trump Wins Key Endorsement From Billionaire

The very ‘scary mental condition’ of Joe Biden has prompted billionaire Nelson Peltz to declare his intention to support former president Donald Trump’s reelection campaign even though in a recent interview with a financial outlet, Peltz seemed less than thrilled with his decision that Donald Trump will likely be elected.

When it comes to politics, Peltz has been known to support both Democrats and Republicans. But he said that the nation has degraded under Biden, pointing to the enormous influx of illegal migrants as the reason why many municipalities have had to cut down on funding for vital services.

Peltz explained that the nation can’t continue to welcome everyone. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are to blame for our immigration crisis. We should not stop immigration to the US, but there should be limits so we can identify who is entering the country.

The 81-year-old Biden, in his opinion, suffers from a terrifying mental condition (perhaps dementia).  Peltz expressed concern that we don’t know who is handling daily business and who is speaking for Biden.

According to Peltz, former president Donald Trump’s many criminal accusations, particularly those related to his attempts to reverse the 2020 election, were a miscarriage of justice that led Peltz to become a Trump supporter in November.

The billionaire claimed he is still undecided about whether to donate to Trump’s campaign. Even though they live next door in Palm Beach, Florida, he said he hasn’t had a conversation with Trump in a long time.

Meanwhile, the recent boardroom disputes between Disney CEO Bob Iger and Nelson Peltz have garnered public attention.

Disney investor Peltz and his firm, Trian Fund Management, have accused Iger and Bob Chapek of leading the company astray with progressive ideology. Just before the annual shareholders meeting on April 3, he is engaging in a proxy fight to gain control of the corporation.