Top Exec Says People Should Be Uncomfortable With Their ‘Whiteness’

Led by Ryan Polly, a hospital administrator in Maine, an antiracist prayer session was conducted in which White people were compelled to repent for their internalized racism.

MaineHealth’s Polly, VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, has a track record of serving a mostly White clientele, consistent with the state and national averages. He says he is a “minister” for the One Spirit movement when asked about his affiliation. Polly is seen in the video leading the group in a prayer to “loving spirits who are known by various names,” which serves as a lesson in antiracism.

Polly’s beliefs are rooted in critical race theory, and he continues to believe the “racist narratives and prejudices” that have been assigned to him because of the color of his skin. He thinks it’s the only way for them to prepare to fight back against the systems that favor them at the expense of everyone else. He maintains that White people’s membership in the “life of Whiteness” causes them to develop “ignorance,” “biases,” and “racist sentiments.”

In defense of Polly, MaineHealth cited the company’s principles, purpose, and vision as the source of its dedication to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Dialogue and disagreement between patients and healthcare providers are encouraged. However, Polly’s perspectives on DEI involve overt racial stereotyping, implying that White people are predisposed to be racist and repressive. He said that White people’s “life of Whiteness” is the source of their “ignorance,” “biases,” and “racist beliefs.”

Polly urged the White attendees to embrace their unease with the lessons and learn to delve headfirst into their inner turmoil. He urged them to go out into the world with the will to reject racism and keep fighting for equality, especially on the days when it would be easier to give up.

Upon receiving requests for comment, Polly removed the YouTube account where he made the “somewhat crazy” reference in his song lyrics. After an inquiry to MaineHealth, the anti-racism prayer session was closed to the public. A source at MaineHealth told Fox News that over the last two and a half years, Polly has ruthlessly pushed a DEI agenda at MaineHealth, prompting the source to urge for Polly’s immediate removal so that MaineHealth may return to its primary mission of providing medical treatment.

Polly also implied that White people have ties to the police and others who had slain Black people. According to him, all White people know what it’s like to be told their lives are more important just because of their race.

Do No Harm’s Dr. Stanley Goldfarb has already said that Polly is “demeaning” himself and his organization by continuing to use such language.