Ranchers Offer Reward For Arrest Of Person Who Poisoned Horses

Wyoming ranch owners are asking for assistance in tracking down the individual or people responsible for the poisoning of five horses earlier this summer.

The family is gathering money and offering a sizable reward to find those responsible.

Joe and Lindsay Bright of Converse County, Ohio, reported the deaths of their horses on Facebook on July 31 and their subsequent suspicion that the animals had been killed.

Bright Ranch said online that they are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of those responsible for the deaths of their horses.

The Ranch said they were discovered deceased yesterday, and they couldn’t go into specifics since the inquiry is still ongoing. They said confidentiality would be maintained if anyone had any information with merit.

The family stated they received additional evidence last week that the horses had been poisoned, so they updated the post.

The samples have been sent off to UC Davis for further study. The message claimed that whatever it was “cannot be tested for in a standard veterinary laboratory.”

The Horses were not shot,” the post said ultimately. They were injected with a neurotoxin.

What happened to the horses is unknown, and police have declined to comment.

When approached by Cowboy State Daily for comment on the mystery, Converse County Undersheriff Nate Hughes remained silent.

According to Hughes, the state of Wyoming is conducting an investigation.

Meanwhile, Wyoming Livestock Investigator Chris Strang said the Bright family should answer any questions regarding the alleged horse killings.

“I’ll tell you, it’s an ongoing inquiry, so I’m not going to speak about that,” he said.

According to an article in the Cowboy State Daily, euthanasia drugs are challenging to come by and need the services of a veterinarian.

However, the source did note that several Wyoming-native flora are toxic to horses.

Bright Ranch dismissed the suggestion that the fatalities were an accident when asked about it on Facebook.