Homeowner Takes Justice Into Their Own Hands When Intruder Enters

An intruder attacked a renter and tried to gain access to an adjacent house in Egelston Township, Michigan, early Monday morning, according to authorities.

The homeowner shot and killed the invader.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred at a house on Chatterson Road at 2 in the morning when an inebriated man was making a nuisance by repeatedly pounding on the window of an attached flat.

Lt. Austin Aamodt of the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department stated that the person assaulted the tenant after forcing their way into the residence.

The 38-year-old suspect allegedly tried to gain entry to the adjoining house after leaving the flat, as reported by the sheriff’s office. The homeowner retaliated by shooting the criminal killing him.

A lady who lived there told the news that she, her boyfriend, and their two children were inside the house when the gunfire and invasion happened. All three of her children and her partner were uninjured.

While continuing its investigation into the incident, the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office has not disclosed the suspect’s identity.

According to Lt. Austin Aamodt, this type of house invasion attempt is not common in the region. The lieutenant claims that the homeowner is usually oblivious to the effort; hence, it is pretty unusual for these instances to lead to the suspect’s death.

Rather than aiming for the main living space, Aamodt said the intruders were trying to get into the attached garage.

The incident is presently under examination by the Sheriff’s Office, which may analyze doorbell camera footage, among other possible sources, to establish the actual sequence of events.

Aamodt said they typically will knock on every door in the area to see if anyone has a home surveillance system that may have recorded anything.

Responding units included paramedics from Trinity Health EMS, firemen from Egleston Township, state police, and police from Muskegon Township.

The homeowner’s possible charges are still under investigation, and their status has not been disclosed.