CNN Interview Gets Shut Down By Disgraced Politician

The chair of the Tennesee House Republican caucus cut his CNN interview short last Thursday after being scolded and lectured by the host over the vote to expel the two Democrats who led a gun control mob into the House chamber during a session.

State Rep. Jeremy Faison was being interviewed by CNN’s Sara Sidner who clearly took the side of the two ousted Democrats, Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, for leading the anti-gun mob that disrupted the House.

Accusing Faison of punishing not just Jones and Pearson but also the “tens of thousands of constituents” they represent, Sidner demanded to know what Faison had to say to those people.

Faison explained that Pearson and Jones incited the mob that disrupted the legislative session, prompting Sidner to argue that the mob was already “riled up.”

Sidler then disputed Faison’s description of the mob, nothing that CNN had reporters on the scene who interviewed some of the protesters, who included “distraught” teachers who were “near tears” because Republican lawmakers opposed doing something about “the biggest issue at hand.” Sidler claimed that “gun violence” is the number one cause of death for children.

Faison dismissed her activism, saying he’s sure that is what she thinks. But he pointed out that the lawmakers saw Pearson and Jones directing the crowd like “a choir leader would.”

Faison then cut the interview short, telling Sidler that he had to go because he had a 3.5-hour drive home. As a parting remark, he said Pearson’s and Jones’s behavior, both in committee and on the House floor, made it impossible for the legislature to “move forward.” He then thanked CNN for having him on and walked off camera just as CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tried to ask him another question.

Watch HERE.

On Monday, Rep. Justin Jones was already back at the State House just four days after his expulsion after the Nashville Metropolitan Council voted unanimously to reinstate him. He marched with his supporters back to the State House and was sworn back into office, the Associated Press reported.

It is expected that Rep. Pearson will be reinstated when the Shelby County Commission meets on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.