Chris Christie Attacks 2024 Rivals For Backing Trump

Chris Christie continued his assault on his Republican primary opponents in 2024 by criticizing their stated willingness to back Donald Trump as the party’s candidate.

On Sunday, the ex-governor of New Jersey appeared on Martha Raddatz’s This Week show, where she questioned Christie about his appearance at the presidential debate the previous week. Standing by his performance in Milwaukee, Christie once again directed his ire at people who said they would support Trump if he were the Republican nominee in 2024 despite the four charges brought against him.

Christie said that, truthfully, we can’t nominate a convicted felon for president and expect to win. He said this was the most mind-blowing thing about the debate: most of my opponents think you can have a convicted felon as the GOP nominee, and that they support that and feel that he could win.

The ex-New Jersey governor said that’s impossible, and if he wins the nomination, it means four more years of Joe Biden for America; therefore, Republican primary voters should consider that before casting their ballots.

He warned that this may lead to a stacked Supreme Court, the end of the filibuster, and much more.

Christie said there’s a lot on the line here, so it’s necessary to choose someone who has already demonstrated they can defeat Democratic incumbents.

I’m the only one up there who can say they’ve done it, and if I receive the nomination, I’ll defeat Joe Biden, Christie bellowed.

Raddatz questioned Christie about what he thinks of individuals who “don’t seem to care” about Trump’s legal troubles despite Trump’s submission to arrest in Georgia last week for suspected plans to change the 2020 election results. She argued that the public’s dissatisfaction with Trump may be “canceled out” by concerns about Hunter Biden.

Christie said in response that Hunter Biden is not running for office. He noted that he predicted that his plea agreement would be rejected weeks in advance because it was unfairly biased in his favor.

He also said it’s fascinating that some voters think the Hunter Biden issue is important, but the Trump thing is not.