Zelenskyy Urges US to Do More to Help Ukraine Against Russia

The war in Ukraine continues to rage. Since beginning in the year 2022, the conflict has escalated significantly. It is estimated that over half a million casualties have been caused by the conflict, and as the war continues, increased devastation and destruction has resulted from the conflict. The Ukrainian nation is outnumbered, outgunned, and even outspent, and it appears increasingly true that the nation has no hopes to win the conflict. Russia is simply a larger nation, with a much larger population, significantly bigger economy, and even more military capabilities. In a recent interview with the New York Times, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy renewed his calls for increased assistance from the west. Zelenskyy alleged that more could be done by NATO nations and the United States to assist the beleaguered country in the fight against the Kremlin.

Many have been increasingly critical of Zelenskyy. Another article by the Washington Post reported that tensions between the Ukrainian leader and the United States government have increased as congressional support and public support for the war has decreased. Zelenskyy has pleaded for billions of dollars in funding, and even has stated that the west “doesent want” Russia to win the conflict and Ukraine must be supported.

It is difficult to see a path to victory for the small nation and the Russian military continues to make gains in territory, consolidating its holdings. Another recent article by Sky News has reported that the Russian President Vladimir Putin is allegedly content with his military gains in recent months and is ready to reach a cease-fire to end or at least pause the conflict. Putin may be ready to call the conflict a victory after recently being re-elected. One may wonder whether or not Russia’s strategy all along was to wage a war of attrition that would wear down the Ukrainians after many westerners were critical of Russia in the early days of the war.