Zelensky Says Troops Very “Smart” After Concerns They May Not Know How To Use U.S. Weapons

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In a Monday speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky praised his country’s forces as extremely intelligent while debunking the notion that they are unprepared to deal with high-tech weaponry being imported from the West.

Zelensky spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper on the fresh assistance that Ukraine is receiving as it continues to fend off Russia’s unjustified attack. According to Tapper, while weapons continue to come into the nation, many fear they are being given to soldiers who are not prepared to use the guns.

In his interview, Tapper stated that one of the things he hears from western leaders is that Zelensky’s government asks for weapons that his military doesn’t know how to use. He asked Zelensky if it is better to have the highest, top-of-the-line best equipment that troops will need to be trained on, and that could take weeks, if not months, or is it better to have equipment that they know how to use but that may not be as advanced?

Insulted, Zelensky protected his men, who had so far been able to keep Russian forces on the defensive.

According to Zelensky, he’s heard several times that some states did not want to provide weapons because his forces were not technically prepared to deploy them.

Zelensky said that instructors would train troops to be combat-ready, as in the case of pilots who can be ready in two weeks.

Ukraine’s president complimented his troops as “very intelligent,” and he indicated a feeling of urgency about getting weapons into their hands as soon as possible.

He said that Ukraine has some clever folks working on this. They’ve done training with NATO nations, and he’s heard these wild tales about how long it would take to train his troops to operate modern tanks.
Regardless of the type of equipment, he said, they are prepared to utilize it as long as it is supplied on time and they have the capability of learning how to operate new equipment. However, “it must arrive as soon as possible.”

A statement from the Department of Defense revealed Monday that Ukrainian troops would meet with United States military personnel outside the war-torn country. They will be taught about howitzers and other military equipment.

According to the Biden administration, the Howitzers are only one of several weapons provided to Ukraine as part of an $800 million aid package.