YouTuber Who Supported Cancelling People Just Got Cancelled By YouTube

( YouTuber Ethan Klein, who earlier said that cancel culture was a good thing, is sad now that he has lost all of his sponsors after being attacked by a cancel culture mob for allegedly making “homophobic” statements.

Karma is a bitch.

Klein said earlier this year that he would be removing his interviews with author Jordan Peterson due to the Canadian academic’s role as a hazardous doorway to the alt-right, transphobia, and covid misinformation.

In response, Peterson warned Klein that those who participate in cancel culture typically live to regret it and that the chickens will undoubtedly come home to roost.

Presciently, Peterson forewarned that Klein would be held to greater and higher ethical standards by the exact crowd he attempted to appease. Soon, it would become impossible to maintain the ethical standards expected of him.

Peterson said that he’d eventually make a mistake, and they’d eat him up. With glee.

Peterson implored Klein to take his warnings seriously. But now he gets to feel that “goodness” of being canceled.

After a video of Klein making homophobic remarks about gay people, which was dubbed “homophobic” by the cancellers, Klein lost all of his sponsorship deals.

At the beginning of this week’s broadcast, Klein expressed dismay over the situation by saying, “Today we have no sponsors because our amazing fans have taken it upon themselves to write to all of our advertisers and to have them can…(cel)… not to support us.”

Klein made it clear that he was hesitant to use the word “cancel.”

Furthermore, with no sense of irony, the YouTuber indicated that it was horrible that somebody would do something like that.

When Klein was asked about the sponsors who pulled out, he responded, “It’s kind of crazy that they just drop you like a bag of dirt over some bullshit.”

Following a meeting with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Klein changed direction and became a creature of the establishment, despite previously opposing ‘woke’ snowflakes in a series of videos some years ago.

Because he has consistently advocated for other individuals to be de-platformed and their appearances canceled because of ‘controversial’ statements, the fact that it is now happening to him is a delicious moment of schadenfreude.