Xi Jinping Saves Face at WHO Event, Promises New “Humanitarian Response Hub”

(PatrioticPost.com)- While China continues to refuse to allow scientists and experts into the country to examine the circumstances which led to the outbreak of the virus, dictator Xi Jinping gave a speech at the World Health Assembly to promise a new “global humanitarian response hub.”

During the opening of the virtual World Health Organization Conference, the leader of China promised to work with the United Nations to build the new hub that would help control the way the world responds to future pandemics. Conveniently, it would be set up in China where the majority of these virus pandemics, like COVID-19 and SARS, come from.

True to the nature of the relationship between China and the World Health Organization, Xi was among the first global leaders to address the conference. In his speech, he announced that Beijing would be investing $2 billion into coronavirus pandemic response over the next two years, and will also offer the rest of the world free access to any coronavirus vaccines developed in their country.

However, given the fact that much of the personal protective equipment and even the antibody tests developed in China and bought by Europe have proven to be faulty, it’s uncertain just how many countries will take them up on their deal.

“In China, after making painstaking efforts and enormous sacrifice, we have turned the tide o the virus and protected the life and health of our people,” the dictator told the conference. “All along, we have acted with openness, transparency, and responsibility. We have provided information to the WHO and the relevant countries in the timeliest fashion. We have done everything in our power to support and assist countries in need.”

Despite this, China still refuses to let anybody investigate the origins of the virus. He also failed to mention the fact that officials from China admitted over the weekend that scientists in Wuhan deliberately destroyed some of the earliest samples of the virus, making it virtually impossible to track the origins and early evolutions of this novel coronavirus.

Xi promised that his country would work closely with the United Nations to create a global humanitarian response hub and depot in China that would aid with the formation of new anti-epidemic supply chains to ensure countries have what they need if this were to happen again.

“Global industrial and supply chains must remain stable and unclogged if we are to restore growth to the economy of the world,” he said.

Isn’t it all too little too late from the country that let the virus get out in the first place?