World Leader Under Attack For Big Promise On Gas

( Far-left Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau gave a speech at the United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on Monday. During the speech, he insisted that Canada planned to “cap oil and gas sector emissions” before eventually phasing it out altogether.

The news shocked the world given that such a decision would mean one less Western provider of oil, and more reliance on Russia and the Middle East.

What has Trudeau been smoking?

Trudeau said that the world must have a shared minimum standard for pricing pollution, which everybody knows China would never agree to.

“We’ll cap oil and gas sector emissions today and ensure they decrease tomorrow at a pace and scale needed to reach net-zero by 2050. That’s no small task for a major oil- and gas-producing country. It’s a big step that’s absolutely necessary,” he said.

And the people of Canada really just elected this guy?

The news is shocking, but perhaps slightly less surprising when you consider the fact that President Joe Biden chose to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline between the United States and Canada, favoring instead the Russian gas pipeline just to spite former President Donald Trump.

And with that gone, Canada has more of an incentive to ditch fuel entirely – even to the detriment of the Canadian people and economy.

Over the next two weeks, Trudeau also insisted, Canada intends to demonstrate how they will deliver on the promise of the Paris treaty “with transparency and accountability.”

Accountability? Well, not for another four years, given that Trudeau was just re-elected this year.