World Leader Says Anyone Who Calls Themselves A Woman Is A Woman

The Queensland state minister for women told the media that anyone who says they are a woman “is a woman.”  She noted that males who identify as female are part of her effort to “advance gender equality.”

Left-leaning Australian Labor Party member and current Attorney General of Queensland and Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman recently told a reporter that  anyone identifying as a woman is a woman. 

She attempted to defend her unscientific position by bringing up “inclusivity” as a social justice issue.

Fentiman said to the reporter, “Let’s be inclusive.”

Feelings over facts rule the day.

She says as the Minister for Women, she takes a really inclusive approach in her role of representing women’s interests in government. 

To paraphrase, “There is no such thing as a woman who does not self-identify as a woman.” 

She said their policies and methods to advance gender equality are open to all people who identify as women because reaching gender parity is in everyone’s best interests. 

She elaborated, erroneously saying that it’s not one group advancing at the expense of another. Let’s try harder to involve everyone, she said again.

Biological women who’ve trained their entire lives to excel in sports are being eclipsed in their endeavors by mediocre men who shoot to fame because they believe they are women.

Women’s Forum of Australia CEO Rachael Wong tweeted a video clip in which Fentiman is overheard saying “anyone” who claims to be a woman “is a woman.” Wong visited Fentiman to voice her support for self-identification laws in Australia, which have opened the door for men to claim female identities and enter facilities traditionally reserved for women. Wong blasted Fentiman for her advocacy of such legislation.

Australia isn’t the only country in the region where the government has apparently caved to pressure from the extremist transgender lobby. 

New Zealand’s Labour Party Prime Minister Chris Hipkins reportedly struggled when asked by a reporter to describe “woman” in a recent piece published by National File. Hipkins said he would need time to “pre-formulate” an answer before giving one to such a query.