World Economic Forum Defends Microchipping Young Children

( The World Economic Forum issued a piece proposing that implanting microchips into infants would be a “solid, sensible” decision, which did not help their reputation as Bond villains.

The concept is presented in a blog post about the future of augmented reality and an “augmented society” on the website of the Davos elite.

Despite how terrifying chip implants may sound, they are a natural evolution of what wearables formerly went through. The article claims that wearing hearing aids or spectacles is no longer stigmatized, maybe forgetting that these devices aren’t physically a part of the body and can’t be manipulated by others.

They are regarded to be fashion items and accessories. Similarly, implants will develop into a commodity, predicts scientist Kathleen Philips, who also predicts that influencers and mainstream culture would be used to market implanted chips as a cool status symbol.

The article promotes the idea that augmented people are unavoidable and that to “ethically” control the technology, global elites must have a monopoly on it.

Your technocratic rulers, who are frantically trying to restrict the Internet so they can’t be questioned, will supply the technology with “the right backing, vision, and chutzpah” that it needs.

Philips says that enhancing technology will benefit people at all phases of life, including young children in educational settings, working adults, and ambitious seniors. There are numerous options.

The scientist wonders if implanting a tracking chip in your child is good. Affirmative! He said there are good, logical reasons for it, like safety.

World Economic Forum president Klaus Schwab predicted that the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a merging of our physical, digital and biological identity” through the implantation of microchips that can read your thoughts. This is stated in his book “The Great Reset.”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla informed Schwab at this year’s Davos gathering of world elitists that “ingestible pills” — a pill with a tiny microchip chip that would send a wireless signal to the appropriate authorities when the medication has been eaten — would soon be available.

“Imagine the compliance!” Bourla exclaimed.

The world’s most prominent magazine for elites is now forecasting that chip implants will someday become simply another product. Didi Rankovic said that it wasn’t that long ago that anyone speculating about a future where this is happening would get derided as conspiracy theorists.

One Australian elementary school made the unsettling prediction that “microchips in students’ brains” would appear within ten years before deleting the ominous newsletter.