Woman’s “Racist” Accusation Against Comedian Doesn’t Go Well

(PatrioticPost.com)- During a recent stand-up show, a heckler made an unsuccessful attempt to label comedian Troy Bond a “racist.”

After Bond joked about supporting President Joe Biden and described himself as the “most pro-anti-Trump comic,” a confused and angry woman (aka- a leftist) in the audience accused him of racism. He did what any comedian would do, make jokes about her to lighten the atmosphere. He was getting nowhere with the woman,  so he ordered her to be removed from the club. The woman couldn’t compute that she was ruining the night for everyone else, but that didn’t matter to her.

“You’re not funny, no,” the woman retorted.

Bond yelled, “Shut the f*ck up.”

“No, you need to stop talking.” She continued, “And a white guy trying to talk to black people about—.”

Then she criticized any black person who laughs at Bond’s jokes.  Questioning the woman’s motive for her protest seemed futile, so he signaled security to escort her from the performance as she continued.

She was stunned at the request. “Are you serious?” she questioned. “You’re trying to, like, talk about something, but you’re white,” she stated, seemingly unaware of her own racism.

As a security guard approached her, the comedian retorted, “I don’t know who the f*ck you’re mad at, but it’s not me.”

She continued, “A white person trying to make fun of black people.”

He said, “See, I was just trying to make you laugh, and now you’re crying.”

She said, “No, don’t do that.”

In addition, after Bond says, “Goodbye, Kamala Harris,” as the security guard leads her out of the comedy club, she calls it the “most racist joke ever.”

She exclaimed, “That was the most racist joke I’ve ever heard. Kamala Harris? Are you kidding me?”

“Keep the scarf off the floor, ma’am; it cost $3 at Dollar Tree.” He then directed, comically, for the security guard to “grab the gun she left under the chair.”

As she left the building, the woman yelled, “Are you serious?” again.

She was led out, and he asked the audience, laughing, “At what part was I being racist?” I still haven’t even gotten to my Jim Crow jokes. I had a black face over in the trunk and was prepared.”

He then revealed that his mother is white and his father is black.