Woman Attacked On Train as Bystanders Do Nothing

(PatrioticPost.com)- A viral video clip shared on social media last week showed an angry man punching a woman in the face on a busy subway train in New York City, and absolutely nobody stepped in and did anything about it.

They just filmed it on their phones.

The woman appears to tell the man to take a “chill pill,” prompting him to get even angrier and punch her in front of other passengers.

The video was initially shared on TikTok but then re-posted on Twitter, where it has been watched several million times.

It appears to have taken place on a D train close to 145th Street in Harlan at 5:50 pm last Monday.

At the beginning of the clip, the man can be heard saying, “Say it to my face now! Tell me to take a chill pill! Say the word, ‘chill pill.’”

The woman responds with the word, looking him dead in the eye, which prompted him to then immediately punch her in the face.

When someone pointed out that he had just hit a woman, the man tells people to mind their business.

He then turns around and shouts to the whole train, “When I’m standing on the train, move out the way!”

Check it out:

The news comes after a woman was reportedly raped on a passenger train in Philadelphia by an illegal alien. Once again, nobody did anything about it, except film the incident on their phones.

A crime wave is sweeping across America’s cities and people are too afraid to stand up to it…