Woke Gender Questionnaire Forced By Britain’s NHS

According to a prominent UK aesthetician, the number of males using injectable cosmetic procedures, dubbed “Brotox,” has skyrocketed.

The percentage of male patients seeking aesthetic treatments increased by 150 percent from last year, according to Dr. Ed Robinson, an NHS doctor and GMC-registered aesthetician. He asserts that many guys seek celebrities like Liam Payne’s photographs and want Botox and fillers to mimic his appearance.

According to Dr. Ed, males are more likely to seek therapy to enhance their features than women are for anti-aging.

‘On average, men constitute about 10% of the patient base at an English cosmetics clinic,’ the aesthetician added. Men continued to make up 25% of my patient population this year, and that trend is likely to continue.

In March 2023, Joe Jonas tried to dispel the stigma associated with injectable cosmetics. To delay the onset of aging, the 33-year-old musician came clean in August of last year about his use of injectables.

According to Dr. Ed, the sector could use the voices of more male celebrities to address the problem.

There is a need for more excellent honesty to remove the stigma, said the doctor, adding that with the wide variety of injectable treatments available, it’s easy to choose one that complements your look.

Dr. Ed’s treatment options include dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP).

He said botox and dermal fillers may have a masculinization impact, such as making your jaw square or more defined.

Dr. Ed, who practices in Cheshire and South Manchester, said using products designed to combat hair thinning has also surged in recent years. Men may have a genetic test on their saliva to determine which genes make them more likely to experience hair loss. This information is great for creating personalized therapies.

One of his therapies is an intriguing blend of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and polynucleotides.

Aging gracefully is another less expensive alternative.