Winston Churchill’s Name Replaced With Soccer Player On Historic Building

( Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister who pioneered the war campaign against the Nazis in the 20th Century and is considered to be the man who won the Second World War, has been officially “canceled” by a British school.

The names of Winston Churchill and J.K. Rowling, the woman who wrote the wildly popular Harry Potter novel series, have been removed from a school’s “House” names because they are both considered offensive.

The Belfast Telegraph reported how Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School in Richmond renamed the school Houses to promote diversity, replacing them with British footballer Marcus Rushford and nurse Mary Seacole.

A footballer instead of the man who defeated the Nazis? So much for being woke. Aren’t they meant to hate Nazis?

A newsletter was issued by the school last month to explain the decision. Teachers and students were told that Churchill and Rowling were removed to be “more diverse.”

“The children across school have been keen to change some of the names of the school houses to be more diverse,” the notice said, “We are pleased to be able to announce the name changes during Black History Month. Churchill has been replaced by Rashford and Rowling by Seacole.”

The headteacher of the school, Alison Bateman, said that students began thinking about changing their House names last year. Bateman even claimed that the students, who are under 10 years old, believed that the names didn’t reflect the diverse community of the school.

Did the children think that, or did the teacher propose it and give the kids a challenge to find new names?

Come on.

It’s not the first time that Woke extremists have targeted Churchill. Only last year, Black Lives Matter radicals vandalized the statue of Winston Churchill outside the Palace of Westminster in London, branding Churchill as a racist.