Will Trump Withdraw Feds from Portland? Only If Democrats “CLEAN OUT THEIR CITY”!

(PatrioticPost.com)- Portland, Oregon, has seen some of the worst riots ever seen in the United States over recent weeks. Far-left extremists representing Antifa and Black Lives Matter have thrown projectiles at police, committed arson, broke down barriers and fences surrounding federal buildings, and caused all manner of chaos in the city.

As a result of local Democrat officials refusing to take action – and Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler even taking part in the extremist protests – President Donald Trump sent in federal officers to help with law enforcement efforts. Now, though, a report suggests that the White House is negotiating with local officials to withdraw those federal agents.

An unnamed senior official from the White House told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the early stages of talks are in place, but there is still no agreement. If the talks go well, however, then it could result in the withdrawal of federal troops.

One thing is for sure, though, and that’s President Trump’s commitment to stamping out the violent extremism in the city. Unless local Democrats agree to properly enforce the law, then it seems unlikely that the White House would withdraw that federal presence.

Federal agents have been in the city since the end of June. Not only have they been up against violent attacks from far-left rioters, but they have also been defending the federal Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse. Every night for weeks, far-left activists have attempted to destroy the building. Some even tried to burn down the building while people were inside.

Much of the violence occurs at night, and during the daytime, the protests outside are largely peaceful. That’s how the Democrats seem to be getting away with pretending the protests are peaceful.

A wealth of footage has been shared online showing the extent of the violence once the sun goes down. The Democrat-supporting rioters have not only injured officers in violent attacks, but even blinded several agents through the use of lasers.

If this report is right and the president is withdrawing troops, expect local Democrats to be forced to step in and do something about it instead. Why? Because that’s what Trump said.

On Wednesday, the president said that he is willing to withdraw the federal agents but only if they “clean out their city and do it right.”

What do you think the chances of that are?