Will Smith Meeting With Indian Guru After Assaulting Chris Rock

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Saturday, the UK Daily Mail published photos of actor Will Smith arriving in Mumbai, India. According to the Mail, the slap-happy actor was reportedly in India to meet with spiritual leader Sadhguru who teaches “powerful methods for self-transformation.”

However, on Wednesday, it was reported that Smith couldn’t possibly have been in Mumbai to meet with Sadhguru since Sadhguru wasn’t in India at the time.

Sadhguru’s media relations team told the indianexpress.com that the spiritual leader is currently on a global tour to promote Save Soil Movement and he didn’t meet with Will Smith during Smith’s trip to India.

Whelp. So much for the Daily Mail’s report.

But it wasn’t just the Daily Mail. Virtually every outlet reported that Will Smith went to India to meet with a guy who wasn’t in India at the time.

That doesn’t mean that Smith didn’t fly to India for “spiritual purposes” as all the reports suggest. It’s just that those “spiritual purposes” didn’t involve Sadhguru.

Whatever the case, Smith’s appearance at the airport in Mumbai was the first time the hot-headed actor has been seen in public since his infamous Oscar meltdown a month ago when he walked on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock on the face for comparing his bald wife to GI Jane, then returned to his seat to shout profanities at the comedian.

Despite such a public display, the Academy Awards let the hot-head back on stage later during the ceremony to accept the award for Best Actor.

Five days after the on-stage slap, Smith resigned from the Motion Picture Academy, calling his actions “shocking, painful, and inexcusable.”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors later banned Smith from attending the Oscars or any academy events for the next ten years.

That should give Smith plenty of time to go on a global search for the elusive Sadhguru.