Whoopi Goldberg Says She Is Pro-Life

(PatrioticPost.com)- Whoopi Goldberg, the former actress who is now best known for her left-wing activism and diatribes on “The View,” recently claimed that she is “pro-life” before going on to defend abortion and a woman’s “right” to kill her child in almost the same breath.

Speaking about pro-life legislation in Texas, which bans the practice of abortion on fetuses with a heartbeat, Whoopi Goldberg said that it shouldn’t have been introduced in the first place.

“But now they’ve opened up the door to it, and it’s just…you watch and see how many folks come running through, because the bottom line us, really, has always been…I too am pro-life,” she continued.


She added that nobody she knows who had an abortion did it “willingly” or was happy about it, but that they went because “they had to go” and they “didn’t have a choice.”

“Now I don’t want anyone to have one who doesn’t want it,” she said.

None of this makes sense, does it?

And after claiming that she’s pro-life, she said that there is “no mandate” saying people must have an abortion, which appeared to be a flawed effort at making it appear as though the fact that abortion is available doesn’t mean it has to be used. Which…isn’t the point.

The point is that being pro-life means opposing the murdering of unborn children – which Whoopi Goldberg does not oppose.