White House Says There’s “Reason To Believe” Russia Is Launching A “False Flag Operation”

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Thursday, President Joe Biden suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin is concocting a false flag operation to give him an excuse to invade Ukraine. It comes as Russia increases its troop presence on the border with Ukraine to more than 150,000, and sends in new military equipment and medical supplies.

Tensions on the border are just getting worse and both President Biden and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy say that Putin has already made up his mind to invade the country within the “next several days.”

As Biden left the White House on Thursday, he told reporters that the chances of a Russian invasion were “very high” and that Moscow lied when it claimed troops had been moved away from the Ukraine border.

Journalists asked the president whether diplomatic options were still available to avoid war, Biden said yes. He noted that he had sent Secretary of State Antony Blinked on Tuesday to the United Nations where he plans to lay out the details of a possible diplomatic path to avoid war.

The president also said that he has information that leads him to believe that Putin is plotting a “false flag operation” to justify an incursion into Ukrainian territory.

Earlier in February the Pentagon also said that they had received intelligence that Russia was planning to “fabricate” some sort of pretext that gave them an excuse to send troops into Ukraine. Russia is reportedly planning on blaming a future invasion on Ukrainian forces.

According to U.S. intelligence officials, Russia may stage a military or intelligence attack against itself and then blame the attack on Ukrainian forces. The attack may also be directed at Russian-speaking communities in Ukraine, giving Moscow an excuse to send in the troops to “protect” its own people in the country.