White House “Hung Up” On Emergency Phone Call

(PatrioticPost.com)- Joe Biden’s White House reportedly hung up on U.S. Senator for Florida Rick Scott when he called up to ask for help to save an activist being tortured by the Cuban communist regime.

The Republican senator reportedly reached out to the Biden White House following reports that human rights activist Jose Daniel Ferrer, who is the head of the Patriotic Union of Cuba, is being tortured by communists in the regime. His goal was to figure out a way in which the federal government could use its resources to save the activist from being killed over his political activity.

Scott revealed how the White House simply hung up on him when he contacted them. Writing on Twitter, he said that he called to “talk to someone about the horrific torture & abuse @jdanielferrer is experiencing as a prisoner of the illegitimate communist Cuban regime.”

What is it with Joe Biden defending foreign communists?

Scott said that it’s not just weakness on Biden’s behalf, but “shameful cowardice.”

So true.

In August of this year, Ferrer was stripped of his right to home detention and was forced to spend the next four years in prison on politically-inspired charges. Scott has long been a vocal supporter of Ferror and has warned that Cuba’s communist government is trying to kill him with physical and psychological torture.

You’d think this would be something that the American federal government would care about, but apparently not. We got this news of the White House hanging up on Senator Scott in the same week that it was revealed how the White House cut the video feed of Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang as she was presenting a video that showed Taiwan as a separate entity to China.

So, perhaps it’s not all that surprising after all…