White House Flips Out After Elon Musk Changes

(PatrioticPost.com)- White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain last week whined about the changes Elon Musk has made since taking over Twitter, claiming Musk is encouraging hate speech by restoring several suspended accounts.

During an interview on the Leftist podcast “Pod Save America,” Klain said, “anything that encourages hate speech is bad,” arguing that hate speech isn’t “good for our society” or “the discourse,” and it isn’t “good for Twitter.”

Klain, who is one of the most online White House chiefs of staff in history, also laughingly claimed that he doesn’t give Twitter much thought because he has more important things to do.

The Democrats and the media haven’t shut up about the supposed “danger” of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

But it isn’t the supposed danger of increased “hate speech” that has these guys in a rage.

Twitter was their territory. If Democrats or their media propagandists wanted someone silenced on Twitter, all it took was one phone call or email and the Democrat donors at Twitter got it done.

Now, they’ve lost that power.

Over the weekend, independent journalist Matt Taibbi released the first round of “The Twitter Files,” which featured the internal documents that revealed Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post’s October 2020 report on the contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

While the first release of the Twitter Files hinted at the FBI’s involvement in informing Twitter of a possible data hack involving Hunter Biden, the information Taibbi released didn’t get into detail about it.

And on Tuesday, we found out why.

In a thread on Twitter, Taibbi revealed that before he received the first installment of the Twitter Files, the company’s general counsel, former FBI general counsel Jim Baker, was “vetting” the documents before their release without informing Elon Musk.

If Jim Baker’s name sounds familiar, it should.

He was at the heart of the FBI’s so-called “investigation” into the Trump/Russia collusion claims initially presented to the FBI by the Clinton campaign.

According to Taibbi, after they discovered that Baker was interfering with the release of the documents, Elon Musk fired him.