White House Considering Giving “Gas Cards” To Americans

(PatrioticPost.com)- There’s no denying that costs for just about everything are up in the U.S. today, thanks to skyrocketing inflation that just doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

One of the products that has experienced the stiffest increase in price is gasoline, which has cost millions of Americans loads of extra money as the fill up their cars at the pumps.

Over the weekend, the Biden administration revealed a plan that they believe will help Americans deal with these increased costs — they want to spend more money to send people gas cards.

According to a report published by Axios on Saturday, the White House was trying to brainstorm ideas on how they could have a positive response for policy in responding to the extreme increase in gas prices. That’s when one idea that was brought up was sending gas cards to Americans to help them fuel their vehicles.

Axios reported that a legal counsel who works for a Democratic member of the House quickly said that wouldn’t be a good idea, though. He cited the fact that it wouldn’t lower prices at the pump at all and could, in fact, make inflation even worse than it already is.

In addition, the move would cause even more stress on the IRS, which is experiencing extreme backlogs and understaffing as the end of tax filing season draws near.

A spokesperson for the White House, Vedant Patel, confirmed that this idea was indeed talked about. But, he said that it was never seriously considered as a possibility.

He tried to write off the idea, telling Axios:

“There’s a variety of ideas being discussed to ensure that the costs American families are feeling at the pump are as minimal as possible. However, gas cards being sent to the American people is not seriously under consideration.

“It is not an administratively feasible solution, and the Biden Administration is not considering this as a serious option to help American families.”

If you read between the lines in Patel’s comments, it would seem that the only reason why gas cards aren’t a serious consideration is because it would not be “administratively feasible.” In other words, if it were feasible, the Biden administration might be quick to spend billions of more money to try to solve a problem they created, in part, by spending loads of money already.

Many conservatives quickly pounced on this on social media after Axios’ report came out.

Dr. Miller-Meeks, a public health official who’s running for the 1st District in Iowa, tweeted:

“WH hasn’t already learned their policies push up inflation? Let’s make it worse…or maybe they could consider increasing domestic supply?”

Dan McLaughlin, a senior writer at the National Review, quipped:

“‘We’re facing runaway inflation. Anybody got any ideas?’ ‘Hey, how about we print more money, but make it gift cards?'”

McLaughlin’s comments help to highlight just how ludicrous it is that someone high up in the Biden administration would even make such a suggestion.

If these are the type of people who are close to President Joe Biden, then it’s no wonder he’s having such a hard time getting support from the American public.