White House Claims It’s “Russian Propaganda” That Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Was A Disaster

(PatrioticPost.com)- During a press briefing last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki snottily dismissed a question about what bearing disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal to the situation in Ukraine, saying the question was something out of “the old Russian propaganda playbook.”

When discussing the current crisis in Ukraine in last Monday’s press briefing, a reporter asked Psaki if the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan might be viewed as evidence that the US can’t be counted on.

Psaki flatly denied Afghanistan had any bearing, adding that the US commitment to Ukraine and NATO is clear. She prattled on about how swimmingly everything was going and how on top of things Biden was.

Then she addressed the presumption in the reporter’s question saying, “That sounds like the old Russian propaganda playbook,” adding “I’d encourage anyone to be mindful of that.”

Ah, yes. If you mention how disastrous the Afghanistan withdrawal was and the potential damage it did to the United States’ standing in the world, you’re taking a page from the old Russian propaganda playbook.

Little did Jen know just one week after she made those remarks, Axios would publish an explosive report from Jonathan Swan titled, “Scoop: Leaked document reveals Biden’s Afghan failures.”


Jonathan Swan obtained leaked notes from a Situation Room meeting the day before Kabul fell that reveal how unprepared the White House was to evacuate the Afghans who worked with the US during the war.

Just hours before the Taliban swept into Kabul, the Biden team was still trying to figure out what to do to get people out of there. According to Swan, outsiders grew “frustrated and suspicious” that the administration, while having plenty of meetings, “was stuck in bureaucratic inertia and lacked urgency until the last minute.”

And that seems to be the heart of the problem. Everything the Biden administration did during the evacuation was done “at the last minute.”

If Jen Psaki is asked about this Axios report, what are the odds she’ll accuse Jonathan Swan of being a propagandist for Putin?